Green Go YouTube Reviews - Kelsey Hightower

I think it’s only fitting that my first YouTube review is a keynote from Kelsey Hightower. A Developer Advocate at Google, Kelsey always delivers creative and inspiring talks. I found out about Kelsey when I started to learn about Kubernetes. Kelsey was a large supporter of Kubernetes and created Kubernetes The Hard Way to help people deep dive into the technology. These days, Kelsey seems to have opened his mind to alternative solutions to solve problems. He doesn’t pick a side in the war between serverless and containers/Kubernetes. Instead, he takes from both to get results.

I enjoyed this particular talk because Kelsey blends the old with the new. You realize that you don’t always need a new solution to solve a new problem. He makes it look easy and seamless while also being relatable and motivating. Also, how cool is that to have music play in your CLI? Always entertaining and I encourage you to check out all of his talks.

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