Green Go YouTube Reviews - Sacramento AWS User Group

As a Sacramento native, I was excited to find out that the local AWS user group was rebooting in 2020. After a couple successful meetups in January and Februrary, I decided to jump in and volunteer to lead the March meetup talk. Afterall, I did make it a goal to do more public speaking this year. While I was expecting to do the talk in person, it just made sense given all the circumstances with the coronavirus that the meetup was held virtually. Even though WebEx is not great, I think we did the best with what we had at the time.

Anyway, I have been learning the AWS Cloud Development Kit or CDK so it was an easy subject to build a talk/presentation around. I threw together some slides and constructed a demo. I went out on a limb to do some live coding during the demo but it worked out with some prebaked snippets. Needless to say, it was a great experience and I really enjoyed the process of learning something in a way that you have to teach it. Rather than consuming the information, I was trying to figure out ways to relay the information that I was learning to other people. I think that is super powerful and I hope (after all this virus stuff blows over) that I will be able to do another presentation.

Here it is:

Here’s the code:

Here’s the blog post as well:

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