About Me

Hi, I’m Blake Green, a Cloud Architect.

My journey started when I signed up for the US Air Force at 18 years old. I took the first job that was leaving which turned out to be in IT. I thought the Air Force was going to be a 20 year career, however, life presents unexpected turns sometimes and I was thrusted back in the civilian wilderness after 6 successful years of active duty. Luckily, the Air Force equipped me with a skill to apply in the real world and I’ve been able to continue my service as an Air Force Reservist.

As a civilian, I started at help desk support (like most IT folks) and quickly found that I needed to do something more challenging. I moved on to be a Network Engineer and soon after began managing entire IT infrastructure for MSP clients. It was a great experience and I still find myself tapping into the knowledge I gained in that position. Finally, I found Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it really changed my career. I immediately got AWS certified which opened the door to cloud projects and I’ve been building cloud solutions ever since. As a Cloud Architect, I’m expected to have a broad knowledge on a number of services and that’s what I plan to capture in this blog.

This tech blog is focused on learning new technology in the cloud space, specifically with AWS. It’s an entirely serverless blog and my plan is to cover areas like serverless, containers, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, and configuration management. In my serverless blog post, I explained why I started this tech blog. Continuing to learn new things is an opportunity to get better, even if it ends in failure. I’m focused on writing about my experiences and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more. Luckily, there is no shortage of things to learn in this space, so I should have plenty to write about.

Never the master, always the student.

Outside of technology, I’m married to my beautiful wife Steph, we have a dog named Blue and I also enjoy playing golf.

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